Play The Public Sector Union Game

Innocent Americans assume public employee unions use collective bargaining solely to obtain better wages and benefits. This is not the case. The real union game is to insist that the dough runs through the unions in the form of dues giving the union political muscle and giving it power over the states.

It is interesting that the danger of allowing public sector unions to collectively bargain on pay and benefit issues was recognized early on by Democrats. Laws against it were passed by Jimmy Carter and a Democrat congress in 1978 in the Civil Service Reform Act.  What hypocrisy!  Obama, representing the federal government, does not allow its employees to bargain on pay and benefits, but wants the states to have to do so!

To ratchet up the public sector game, the Wisconsin teacher’s union has its own health insurance plan, the WEA Trust. The WEA Trust has the ultimate say over health benefits. It costs the state $68 million more annually than if the teachers were free to purchase health insurance administered under the state plan.  No wonder public sector unions were able to donate $6 million to Democrat candidates in 2008. Heck, public sector unions have given Democrat candidates $160 million since 1990. One of the first states Obama gave stimulus money to was, you guessed it, Wisconsin.