Poll measuring preference for socialism or capitalism is bad news for Democrats — if they nominate Bernie Sanders

A new poll could mean that the Democrats face headwinds from the American people in trying to defeat President Donald Trump if they nominate a socialist as their presidential candidate.

That’s because twice as many voters prefer capitalism than those that prefer socialism.

The Fox News poll showed that 56 percent of voters had a favorable attitude about capitalism, while only 28 percent had a favorable attitude about socialism.

Another 30 percent of voters said they saw capitalism unfavorably, while 58 percent said they found socialism unfavorably.

Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is a longtime proponent of socialism and has been criticized for his support for despotic socialist regimes.

In one telling exchange, he said that he opposed the totalitarian state in communist Cuba, but added that it wasn’t all bad while touting dictator Fidel Castro’s “literacy programs.”

Another question from the poll showed that 76 percent of voters were not opposed to billionaires existing, whereas only 15 percent said it was not a good thing for billionaires to exist.

The poll showed a wide age gap, with those above 76 years of age being most opposed to socialism, while those under 35 years of age being most supportive of socialism.

Advocates of capitalism say the free market system is the best way to organize society in order to reach the greatest prosperity, freedom and happiness, while critics favor the centralized power of the government to order each individual to the betterment of society.

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