Prescription for Censorship

Greetings and a beleaguered “Shalom” to you all from my sixth glorious week of “Stay Home You Stupid Proles Because If You Object to House Arrest You Want to Kill Old People And Puppies” home lockdown because of the Chinese Bat Virus. You can obviously tell how delighted I am to be filing this column once again from my tastefully appointed home office kitchen table replete with all my standard domestic duties and the 24-hour personal tutoring services. Can you picture my face???

If you think I’m pissed, I hope you heard my gracious host Mark Steyn while he was guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh over these past couple of days. Mark was on fire! Oh sure, he was very busy over the past week with the latest audio episodes of The Mark Steyn Show, a commemoration of St. George’s Day and a helpful reminder of why I call him The Great Prophet Mark Steyn PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him). But he was, errr, let’s say, rather animated as he hosted the show from house arrest wearing nothing but his bespoke pyjamas with the wind blowing through his burgeoning house-arrest Jew fro hairdo. This proves once again that nature is healing cuz we are the real virus, etc. Mark totally rocks the Wolfman Jack look, you know. Sorry is it hot in here? Just me? Where were we?

Right. We are still pissed at communist China although I’m inclined to cut them some slack if their experts were responsible for this. Kidding kidding, just relax. It is actually really, really hard to find sufficiently delicate and truly ladylike words to describe how irritated I remain with our pathetic “leaders” and their “plans” to “re-open” our lives. The plan remains no plan. They haven’t got a clue, and as Mark said on Rush, if shutting everything down was Plan A, there is no Plan B. And if you question the orthodoxy, and the actual reasons for certain policies, and you want, you know, facts and evidence, or if you want to go outside, apparently you want everyone to die. Nuts. To. That.

Now let’s take a look back at the week that was.


North America

From the great Conrad, Lord Black: Democrats underestimate Trump at their own peril.

Disgusting: female political “leaders” in the West salute women’s oppression.


Murderous Barbarian Chinese Communist Wuhan Coronavirus:

Cute American doctors from California talk sense about the lockdowns. Annnnd censored by YouTube. Because of course.

Must, must, must listen to this podcast: Brendan O’Neill interviews Heather Mac Donald about our current era of global madness. Highly recommended. I concur with her thesis and O’Neill adds some more meat to the bones. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

Heather Mac Donald has taken a lot of flak for her work on this, but I think she’s on the money.

The Chinese Art of War.

Hasidic and Orthodox Jews at the front line to donate post-Covid recovery plasma.

The Nazis didn’t kill him. The Chinese communists did.

What are the roots of our disgraceful codependency on China? Check out this excellent essay from Tablet magazine.

What country in their right mind is still purchasing crappy, defective PPE from China? Actually don’t even bother answering that.

China will not meekly accept its new reduced post-viral status. Instead, it will act even more provocatively and desperately than ever. Agreed.

“China sees the West as an enemy that must be eliminated.” Yup.

More on the colossal clusterfark of WuFlu in New York: nursing homes were forced to admit infected patients. More here.

How deaths could have been prevented.

Questions arising about the head of the Wuhan Health Organization. Thanks for coming out! Great timing.

Is the “Swedish experiment” paying off?



Culture of Death alert: “Euthanasia” allowed on dementia patients who gave prior consent. More here.


The Formerly Great Britain:

The importance of courage, an appeal to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Israel and Jews:

The Senate approves the appointment of Mandarin-fluent Chassid as assistant secretary of the Treasury for International Markets. Good!

This Holocaust survivor just celebrated her 100th birthday. Mazel tov!

Latest season of “Fauda” becomes a massive hit in the Arab world. Mabruk!

Jew-hating shrew of Congress commemorates Holocaust without mentioning, you know, Da Joooooooz.

Hubba hubba! Did you watch “Unorthodox” yet? What a cutie patootie.

On Yom Hazikaron in Israel, as always, remembering David Cohen and the Palzurs, may Hashem avenge their murders.


Human Grace:


You go, girl.

Rest in peace.

Covid recoveries and rainbows.

Stay well and safe (and angry) everyone.

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