President Harris and Her Sidekick Joe

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Greetings, and welcome back to another edition of Laura’s Links.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the crimes against humanity being committed by our elected leaders in our allegedly free countries. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to “do something” about it, rather than just complain about it. In the past weeks and months, that has included writing to my elected representatives, writing about it here, tweeting about the sinister, evil, draconian lockdowns foisted upon us with no end goal in sight, and tweeting at various elected officials.

Despite my own protests, and actual physical protests by other citizens where dissent is crushed, the low-class, incompetent boor that is the leader of Ontario continues to be impervious to criticism and incapable of changing course. He is so thin-skinned that he kicked out one brave member of his own caucus for daring to speak publicly against the lockdowns. The rest of his caucus remain relatively gutless, publicly (my own member of provincial parliament, similar to a state rep., has commented against some policies publicly but not against Dear Leader), and unwilling to break ranks to show some spine despite the utter human carnage in full view. At least I’m not the only one who thinks he is failing the people of Ontario, his employer. This is something that a lot of these corrupt, disgusting “leaders” forget, that we the people are their employers. We will remind them at election time.

Now, the finer details about the highly tyrannical, hysterical, cult-like governance of Ontario Premier Doug Ford may not be of interest to non-Canadian readers, but I can assure you, that wherever you are, you and your loved ones are highly interesting to the tyrannical cultists and mask fetishists, the “Covid and Lockdown Forever” nutters, and other members of the elites and the Pyjama Jobs Class that are perpetuating this situation. They are very into you, and have no plans to ever let you go. Together, forever.

My growing suspicion that the Big State and its monstrous siamese twin, Big Tech, will never let us go seems all the more likely as we enter the age of President Harris and her sidekick Joe Biden. It reminds me of a very insightful and important point made by Canadian super star criminal lawyer Marie Henein a number of years ago when she was representing former CBC star Jian Ghomeshi on a host of sexual harassment charges. She did an interview where she discussed the first moments of how and when a person ends up in her office requiring the services of a criminal lawyer. It was quite compelling and frightening. And then she added (I paraphrase slightly as this is from memory) an exhortation to viewers to try to imagine the compounded terror of realizing that the entire weight of the state is against you, with its power and unlimited pocketbook and knowing that you have to pay for her services or face the worst possible odds in your battle against the bottomless state.

That’s what we are seeing now. The unlimited force and power of the state and its unlimited pocketbook joined at the hip to the oligarchs of tech, the monopolies of information and communication and it has all been leashed upon us. Of course, it’s now further compounded by the sinister collaboration of the media and its Vietnam War-style hourly China Flu body-count, case-count propaganda horror show on a 24-hour cycle. This is an evil psy-ops initiative to penetrate our consciousness and lives without pause through our stupid smart phones and other internet vehicles.

Everything is broken.

I used to console myself with a little mantra about how Reagan came after Carter, and Trump came after Obama. But the rules of the game have changed, and there’s meant to be no “after” the Democrats in America again. This is something I notice as well, how butch Republicans get when they actually get what they wanted-losing. As soon as the coin drops that they are in their rightful inferior place, when they happily assume their position as losing looser looooooosers in looooserville, they somehow find their inner warriors. Don’t put your faith in these men and women. Conservatives are usually right in their pessimism about human nature, but I really hope we are wrong about the way the winds seem to be blowing for the Western world.

If for some strange reason, you were not listening and reading the great mensch himself, Mark Steyn over the past week, you would have missed a lot of great stuff, and more importantly, a great outfit! He talked about Prescriptions and Proscriptions, compiled some of our beloved Kathy Shaidle’s thoughts on Hollywood stars, remembered her again through song, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight (looking sharp) talking about all the healing, and had some thoughts on the final moments of the Trump presidency in For the Record. And in case you missed it, the Unwoke Bloke revealed some other good news – a bright spot in an otherwise typically kooky week.

Take care, and I’ll see you in the comments.



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The Trump impeachment was the revenge of the political establishment. “The real purpose of the congressional impeachment vote, the draining of corporate cash, and even the purging of Trump supporters on social media is for the establishment to drive home the point to the American people to never dare challenge them again.”

Behold: Soviet America.

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Israel and Jews:

That Israelis save Gazan children is not really news. Real news would be Gazans saving Israeli children. Just saying.

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Big Social Media and Big Tech:

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A foolish man builds his house on sand.” EXACTLY. Thank you.

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Evil, Barbaric, Savage Communist China:

I don’t think any “Western” country was tricked. They did it willingly as soon as they figured out they could get away with it, and put the screws to us really hard, and aren’t letting go just because they want to and they can.


The Formerly Great Britain:

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Bless the healers.

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