Privacy: Government, Facebook & Google

DSMW is a fiscally conservative site. Yet we also love technology. Recently, our two interests have been clashing more frequently.

We wrote about the disturbing practices and mindset at Facebook a little while ago. Google, who seemed to have put their Orwellian criticisms behind them, put their foot back in it with the revelation that they had been: 

accidentally collecting some open, unencrypted data traveling over those networks

This happened through the Street View cars driving around taking pictures for the already controversial Google Street View. Oops! 

Everybody is up in arms about this. Is it good? No. Is it worse than Facebook? No. Google has not shown itself to be as cavalier with user information as Facebook. Google has been rather forthright about what happened and what they have done subsequently. Facebook does not even pretend regret what it continues to do.

What’s more scary? Google having a fragment of your data gleaned from a drive by? Facebook knowing everything about you because you gave it up willingly? Or the Library of Congress keeping a record of all your tweets?