Progressive Government Is Obsolete

For cities to survive, we need a post-progressive approach in which the efficient creation of the common good is the shared goal of labor, management and citizens alike. This means rethinking the rules of the early 20th century in light of the realities of the 21st century. A system that hires without discretion, promotes without considering performance, and lays off teachers without regard to merit cannot truly serve its citizens. Stephen Goldsmith – Deputy Mayor New York City

Mr. Goldsmith points out that excruciating, antiquated  public sector contracting rules produce untended results that squash employee incentive and lead to year long delays that waste millions of taxpayers dollars. This type of favoritism decreases contractor competition and the quality of work done on the taxpayer dime. He goes on to say;

We need a new approach to governance that includes more respect not only for students in need of high-quality education but also for taxpayers, that has less job-killing red tape, and that fosters a more productive work force. The first rule of city government should be an unwavering commitment to delivering real value to the public with every tax dollar. That would be real progress.