Putin Says Hillary Clinton To Blame For Street Protests

“They shake us up so we don’t forget who is boss on our planet. The West spends hundreds of millions of dollars to influence Russia’s election system. We need to end that.” Viadimer Putin grousing on National T.V. blaming U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton for the street protests against his rule and the recent elections results in Russia.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters are signing up on Facebook for a mass rally to be held Saturday to protest and demand the recount of the Dec. vote which favored Putin’s party. The rally is to be the largest since the fall of the Soviet Union.

They are saying we might be beaten up or arrested, that something bad may happen,” “But today is a defeat for the government because this meeting will happen anyway. said Boris Nemtsov, who was a deputy prime minister in the 1990s and is now a frequent Kremlin critic.

Outrage over widespread vote fraud has united Muscovites who have taken to wearing white ribbons to demonstrate their support for clean elections.