Race as a Factor in the Presidential Election

Jamea Daniels

Despite Barack Obama’s lackluster performance as President, he still is essentially neck-and-neck with a generic Republican candidate for the 2012 run. When asked whether they’d vote for Barack Obama or a Republican candidate (no candidate in particular, just a Republican), 45 percent of the voters chose the Republican while 42 percent chose Obama. A key statistic that helps keep Obama in the game is that 96 percent of blacks favor him, a number that is far above any normal amount for one particular group. 

Although taboo in the liberal media, the issue of race in this election cannot be ignored. It is of little doubt that modern African-Americans favor Obama at least partially based on race. This is not the first group to do so, as it is certain that many Caucasians have favored Caucasian candidates in the past and it is logical to conclude that other races have done so as well. However, as it stands today, only 52 percent of Caucasians favor the Republican candidate, who will likely be white in the 2012 election. As 3 percent of likely voters favor a third-party or independent candidate and 10 percent are undecided, this means that roughly 35 percent of Caucasians plan to vote for Obama in 2012. In both percentage and total voters, this is drastically higher than the 4 percent of African-Americans that do not plan to vote for Obama in 2012. What has Obama done to earn such a high percentage of the black vote anyway?

It truly appears that Obama’s overwhelming support among African-Americans is skin-deep. After decades, maybe even centuries of suffering in the past, it may have been logical for African-Americans to vote for Obama in 2008 as both a moral and symbolic victory. However, seeing how Obama has behaved in office should have taken the scales off of everyone’s eyes by now, whether white, black, Latino, or otherwise. Sadly, it appears that our President has managed to keep the image of being the champion for the little-guy thus far, despite the fact that he has actually done more to hurt most Americans than help them.

Obama has been weak on illegal immigration. Most illegal immigrants compete for low-end jobs, which directly hurts the poor of America. As such, the poverty rate among African-Americans has increased to nearly 26 percent under the Obama Administration. While the net amount increased by a little over 1 percent, that equates to nearly 460,000 additional people in poverty. Hopefully, those 460,000 people are among the 4 percent that have decided not to vote for this man.

Adding to the notion that Obama is not a worthwhile candidate for African-Americans, or any other group, is that he is perhaps the biggest proponent of a nanny-state we have had in the White House to date. Many of us who looked past the rhetoric realized long ago that Obama was all about giving handouts to those who would hand him votes in return. However, doing so only helps him in the long run, as teaching people to be dependent does not help them. It only teaches them to wait for someone else to solve a problem instead of learning how to fix it themselves. As the old saying goes: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” It would benefit any person in the long run to learn how to triumph in life on his or her own, not though the help of a man who may live thousands of miles away. 

Obama’s smoke and mirrors of handouts, smiles, and rhetoric are no match for an informed voter. Whether you are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other race, it is imperative to the future of our country that you do not vote for someone based on his or her skin color. Instead, research his or her performance. One will see that a man like Barack Obama is all talk and is intent on further socializing and nationalizing the US for his own gain at the expense of the rest of us. One will see that Ron Paul almost always does what he says he will do and sticks to the Constitution. Most will realize that some other decent candidates are out there as well as some who play Obama’s games of deception and thievery. The key is to show up at your voting station knowing that your chosen candidate is right for the future of America, not one that will give you handouts at the expense of your soul and the futures of both you and your descendents. Here’s to hoping that voters in 2012, regardless of race, will judge books by their content, not their cover. In other words, let’s hope that Obama, or any other candidate, is chosen based on the ideals he or she stands for, not because he or she has a nice smile, is the right color, and will rig the system in favor of certain people.