Return of the Thought-Crime Commissars

This week Mark gave evidence to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, about the proposed return of Canada’s hate-speech laws. The hearing attracted a lot of press coverage. While in town, Mark also spoke to David The Menzoid Menzies about free speech and the Dominion’s thought police. Click below to watch:

Tuesday’s hearing was an odd one. The Conservative vice-chair, Michael Cooper, who had invited Steyn, Lindsay Shepherd and John Robson was booted off the committee by his party leader (and Prime Minister-in-waiting) Andrew Scheer. Because of interest in what Mark and his fellow witnesses were to say, the meeting was scheduled to be televised. But, in the opening minutes of the hearing, the Liberals voted to un-televise it, and the remaining Tories voted with them. Why would the Conservatives vote to diminish the profile of witnesses their own side had called? Andrew Lawton has the scoop:

With Conservatives like this, it may be time for Mark to call Maxime Bernier and find a Quebec riding.

~Steyn may be de-televised in Ottawa, but, for Mark Steyn Club members, he’ll be back on camera this Sunday with a brand new video selection in Steyn’s Sunday Poems – because, as Mark always says, video poetry is where the big bucks are.

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