Romney, Religion Rout Republicans


The aftermath from the Republican election defeat has been swift and stunning. Sean Hannity basically applied for a job at MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh joined Karl Rove in the bunker and Allen West is moments away from succeed from reality. Things look so bad for the GOP, people have, half-jokingly, suggested dropping “Old” from the name. Fairly or not, the Republicans have been branded the party of old white (men) people. Another, undeniable moniker is “God’s Own Party”. While the former visage is unfortunate, it is the latter that cost the GOP this and future elections.

In reality, yes, Republicans do tend to span the color spectrum from ivory and vanilla (there are notable exceptions). But the notion that they are a monolithic entity and operate with a hive mind is as ludicrous as the belief that all Democrats are gay socialist welfare queens. Yet Republicans have let our party’s vocal God Squad dictate our platform. It has been a message of division and apparent callousness. Which is surprising. Earlier Christians learned that you catch more flies with honey than you do with smitings. What else can explain the need for the far more cuddly New Testament?

Faith can be a powerful thing. It can motivate us to endure the unfathomable or achieve the superhuman. Unfortunately, faith is just as divisive as politics. So, why then, does the GOP feel it is smart to further divide the potential pool of voters with fire and brimstone? Some people already understand this.

The faith which permeated the party led to the sideshow of potential candidates, each one slightly more off-puttingly bizarre than the other. Faith ultimately settled on a candidate that not only was the member of a sect labeled as cult, but was seen by many as the poster child of the practices that brought about the financial crisis. Faith certainly defeated several house candidates. Faith led the faithful to believe that numbers, polls and math were skewed. Faith assured a GOP victory.

The problem with faith is that it is unassailable and unquestionable. Conversely logic is built upon answering questions. People like Nate Silver knew the outcome of the election, not because of faith or belief, but because they ran the numbers as they were, not as they believed they should be.

Our party would be well served to cater to those who see the world for what it is, rather than what they wished it was. All is not lost – yet. There are people within the GOP that get reality.

Republicans, this is our come to Jesus moment and it is totally beyond belief.