‘Rub their noses in it’: Steve Deace reacts to Biden’s pick for assistant secretary of health

On Tuesday, BlazeTV’s Steve Deace weighed in on President Joe Biden’s pick for assistant health secretary, Rachel Levine.

Levine was the Pennsylvania health secretary and is a transgender doctor.

“Don’t debate that,” Deace said. “I wouldn’t even be worried about it.” Deace said he would mock Biden’s choice “mercilessly.” He explained to those in the media industry that there is not a point in writing articles or blogs reasoning about why this was a bad choice.

“Do you think the people that made the choice don’t know that?” Deace asked.

Instead, Deace suggested conservatives try a different approach. “Go to talk to your friends, especially the ones who couldn’t handle Trump’s tweets, and [metaphorically] “rub their noses in it.”

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