Sean Parker: Agent Of Disruption – Tales From Silicon Valley

Pointed toward his 18-acre compound in Marin County, Sean Parker rips through the night fog on the Golden Gate Bridge in a stealthy Audi S6 that masks a Lamborghini engine, one pale hand on the wheel, the other toggling through thousands of songs uploaded on the car’s sound system.

Facebook’s former president has had a busy, typical day. Over the last ten hours he’s interviewed two potential VPs for his new video startup, answered hours’ worth of e-mails about the music platform he’s backing, Spotify, and met with a potential CEO for his Facebook charity app, Causes. Steven Bertoni – Forbes – Click To Read More…

With the tragic death of Steve Jobs, we’re curious about the other players in Palo Alto, Marin County and the beautiful rolling hills of Highway 1 to Napa Valley. In a hyperactive computing industry, where the young call the shots, Job’s death has given pause for a moment, just long enough for the rest of us to look in. – DSMW