Shaming the Shameless

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Laura’s Links. It’s a strangely balmy evening here in southern Ontario, but the days are getting shorter and shorter. The leaves haven’t yet started to turn in my neck of the woods, but it’s only a matter of time. And in a few short days, it’s the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah. This means that in addition to the regular workload, daily domestic chores and weekly Sabbath preparation, I’m gonna be up to my eyeballs in planning, shopping, baking and cooking for the next few days.

The holiday, of course, includes a motherlode of prayers and supplications, deep reflections and a host of other blessings and traditions. I’ll be offline for the Sabbath and then for the two-day holiday, Sunday nightfall through Monday and until Tuesday night. So, please behave yourselves and take good care of the comment section while I’m away.

One of the biggest stories of the past week was just picking up traction as I filed my column last week. It was the developing story of migrants being sent to Martha’s Vineyard. We now know all about the story and know that the fifty Venezuelans have left the lovely island forevermore. Poof. Gone!

It was an excellent, strategic stunt from the absolutely top notch DeSantis media team. Killer stuff. With one plane and fifty Venezuelans, they managed to get the American border disaster and the illegal immigration fiasco into the news cycle of pretty much every country around the world. That was really something.

There were many amusing elements of this story, many of which Mark discussed in his Clubland Q&A and with Mr. Snerdley on the radio. Mark rightly noted that the left is all about power, and all about creating horrendous policies and laws that they will never have to live with or under. That is really what we saw in action. As Tucker Carlson noted in a monologue earlier this week, they cannot be shamed, they have no shame. These smug, entitled liberal elites have no intention or worry of ever living as they vote.

My main takeaway though is that conservatives still think it is useful and productive to scream “hypocrites”! Of course they are hypocrites. D’UH. That is built into their DNA. But please, get over it! The point is showing you who rules over you. This is exactly like the mask mandates, and exactly like the Covid tyranny public health “rules” that they never followed. These are your ruling elites showing you who’s boss. And if you don’t shut up, mask up, vax up and boost up they will shut you down, FBI you to death, or run you over. Then they will gaslight you, and pretend that they are all for freedom.

You will be poor, you will freeze to death. You will EAT ZE BUGS. Covid was just a trial run for new emergencies, and even more digital terror. They have lots more planned for us.

Don’t get distracted. Stay focused and vigilant. The evil blob is not done with us yet.

On a happier note:

To all our Jewish readers and Mark Steyn Club members around the world, Shana Tovah U’Metukah! May you all be inscribed for a happy, healthy and joyfully sweet New Year.

See you next (Jewish) year!


North America:

Yeshiva University is facing forced LGBTQ clubs. Yeshiva! More here.

The wit and wisdom of Kamala.

The New York Times plot against Hasidic education.

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You don’t choose to miscarry. You choose abortion. This is fundamentally dishonest. Gross.

“No one’s actually holding these actors to account,“. OH YOU DON’T SAY…

Some interesting points in here.

Normalizing vaccine induced myocarditis is not good. The commercial in question is here.

Memo to self: never be around hangry vegans.

Our very own Andrew Lawton catches the scumbag vaccine pushers of Toronto trying to brainwash parents and children.

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This is exquisite. I’ve watched it about half a dozen times already.


Israel and Jews:

Magnificent. Still cannot believe this happened in my lifetime.

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Taking back Sweden.

Lights out, Paris.

Beware, French normals. “If you think leaving cities, leaving public schools, etc. will save you—it won’t. You have to fight.” Indeed.


The Formerly Great Britain:



Can you spell I-N-V-A-S-I-O-N?


Middle East:

These are some of the bravest women on the planet.

Pray for Iran.





Predatory, Child Mutilating Kook Left:

Lefties cannot create anything of meaning and beauty so they destroy existing meaning and beauty.

Nice rack! More here.

Mutilating children for money. Lots of money. I think we may have hit peak trans and now it’s starting to implode. We shall see.


Human Grace:

A Day in the Life of a Muslim EMT in Jerusalem: “…we are all, before everything else, human, and the value of human life supersedes all other boundaries. In this, we are united.”

“Seeing” a fireman for the first time.

“I just want to feel like I’m not alone. But once I get in, I know I should be all right,”. This is so lovely.

Good men.

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