Sharron Angle: “I Am The Tea Party”

If Young Boozer didn’t whet your appetite for interesting politicians, then meet Sharron Angle. Think of her as Ron Paul in a skirt. Uh… Moving on..

Mrs. Angle basically wants to do away with big government, literally. She would do away with the current income tax system by obliterating the IRS. She would jettison Social Security along with the Department of Education. 

“When big government gets in control, we know those great ideas turn out to be something that hits us right in the wallet.”

Sounds good to us, but we’re a little fuzzy on the details as to what will compensate for their loss.

Scratch below the surface and you find she is nothing like the libertarian Good Doctor. She has been labeled, by her own doing, as a prohibitionist. More worrisome still is her stance on legislating morality: 

“I don’t think you can get away from that; people just make value judgments,” she said. “We’re not a neutral society. I have a very well-developed sense of right and wrong, so I would say to you that it’s not a political thing with me, but a character thing.”

Hmmm. Morality is one thing. But where your morality and Mrs. Angle’s differ, could two entirely different place located miles apart.