Solving Problems Through Historic Parallels

Jason Cannata

The economic and social issues that our nation is dealing with currently seem to be way too much for the majority of elected officials. It is obvious they are either unwilling to do what is necessary or simply inept when tackling a variety of challenges and unfortunately, it is we the people who are paying the price. Now the country is looking at an extended recession that could have and should have been avoided if it were not for the political incompetence of our so called, “leaders.”

History shows us that many similar issues were also a challenge for the U.S. when first declaring Independence. So, it is only natural and completely expected to wonder how the Founders handled them and why it worked. Questioning those who originally started the country is of course, impossible, but we can always learn from their examples and ask ourselves what they would have thought about America in 2011.

What if time machines were a reality and a number of the Founders could be instantly transported to this year. Maybe they would set everything straight by sharing their wisdom and solutions. Or, perhaps they would be annoyed at how far we have wandered from the path set, and how much we have distorted their words written in the Constitution.

A parallel between present America and the country two hundred and thirty five years ago can clearly be seen when viewing the individual situations and the problem solving options available. Just as the 18th century citizens had a reference of what not to do in the British government, we need look no further than the last few years for a list of things to avoid at all cost. Yet how the earliest lawmakers would have reacted to the modern policies of our United States and the world is open to infinite possibility.

First, the Founders would have likely found some amusement in the fact that Britain is still a monarchy, and after centuries, has not figured out a better system of government even with the American standard right in front of them. Delayed levels of sadness and disappointment might be next as they would notice how people have taken advantage of various provisions that were intended as protection. However, the initial pioneers could also be amazed at the innovations of society that are helping to further the country, such as medicine, inventions, and technology.

We must place the focus on what was done in the past to provide insight for restoring the Foundation of America. In the late 1700s, a thriving economy and a flow of new jobs were central concerns and our original leaders knew that a solution was not complicated. They inspired success by limiting government intervention on the free market while encouraging ingenuity and rewarding national productivity.

Likewise, several of the Founders understood the danger of a public that lost interest in a unique political process, lawmaking, and the preservation of an effective Republic as well. A lot of time was spent to make sure that the direction of the country was decided by its citizens through elections, a representative style government, and voting. Peoplewho lived in a colonial era intentionally ensured our safety through a solid Foundation that was ultimately given to us, where in the 21st century, the bottom line is we are responsible for the future of America…and it is about time that we start taking that responsibility seriously in order to continue the tradition of Independence.