Souring on the Nation

On Wednesday Mark kept his midweek date with John Oakley on Toronto’s Global News Radio 640 to discuss Justin Trudeau’s plans for nation unbuilding – plus Shakespeare, the Queen and Remembrance Day. Click below to listen:

We had a grand turnout from Canadians on September’s sold-out Second Annual Mark Steyn Cruise. So we hope more than a few of Mark’s compatriots, especially those from Quebec and eastern Ontario, will want to join us for a trio of special live stage editions of The Mark Steyn Show coming up this month in Montreal.

If you enjoy Mark on the radio, you’re in for a treat before the week is out. If you’re one of that small, brave band who prefer Steyn on camera, he’ll be back tomorrow, Thursday, south of the border with Tucker Carlson.

And, as noted above, what’s better than TV and radio? Seeing Steyn live and up close for an exclusive presentation of The Mark Steyn Show. For more information on The Mark Steyn Club and becoming a member, please see here.