Steady Romney wants opportunity society

“Now, we know how an entitlement society works. Those in government control the resources and they make the rules. And while the rest of us stand still, they make sure that their friends get ahead. I will take a very different path.”  Mr. Romney said in a speech in Davenport this week. 

Mitt Romney is beginning to say the right words in a campaign that will prove that contrary to the sad Jared Laugher – Gifford’s affair, words really do matter. In his closing arguments before the Iowa caucuses, Romney is beginning to focus on his vision for this country. Barack Obama wants a entitlement society and he (Romney) wants and “opportunity society.”

In a country where nearly half the population receives some form of government benefits and pays no federal taxes, Romney’s opportunity society could have a hollow ring. It all boils down to words and this is something the liberal establishment is wonderful at. Want something really heinous passed, just name it something really nice and appealing. No problem.

The former Massachusetts governor’s strategy now is to present himself as the best possible candidate to win the 2012 election. Staying focused, he is bearing down on the words and side stepping the personal attacks of the rest of the GOP candidates; a very smart thing to do.

It matters too that Romney looks presidential. More and more, words and appearance are coming into play. He is beginning to project a certain stability that the other candidates lack. Especially apparent in Iowa, his conservative message is beginning to take on a broad high road appeal that he really can change this country for the better.