Steyn in for Tucker on Black Friday!

We trust you had a good Thanksgiving. On this Black Friday I’ll be back on your TV screens for a full hour of guest-host-level semi-competence on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. The fun starts at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific – with a rerun for West Coasters and late birds at midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific. Hope you’ll dial us up if you are in the general vicinity of the receiving apparatus.

I don’t know what’s on the rundown for tonight, but perhaps some follow-up on what we discussed on this morning’s “Fox & Friends” with Dean Cain, Dr Nicole Saphier and Pete Hegseth – including ongoing protests from brave Hong Kongers and narcissist climate slacktivists:

If you prefer, you can see that segment over at Fox News here.

~It’s Black Friday at the Steyn Store, too, because SteynOnline is now seventeen – old enough for the Duke of York to deny he’s ever met us. We hung out our humble shingle on the Internet at Thanksgiving 2002, and we’re thrilled we’re still here, even as the livelier blogosphere of the early twenty-first century has been all but obliterated by the butt-numbingly boring one-size-fits-all control-freak social media cartel of Facetube-Youbook. And to celebrate our survival, in honor of our seventeenth birthday, we’re offering seventeen per cent off all my books and CDs over at the Steyn Store.

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See you on the telly for Tucker tonight.