‘Stop and frisk law caught my husband’s murderers’

“Please don’t change the law!”

That was the anguished cry of a widow whose husband’s killers were caught in 2006 with the help of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk list a day after Gov. Paterson signed legislation forcing cops to delete the data.

Viola Justo’s husband, Ricardo Salinas, a 33-year-old cook at a Staten Island pancake house, was beaten to death by three thugs as he walked to buy milk for their kids.

Detectives located the killers the next day because patrol cops had detained them the night of the Sept. 2 crime and entered their names on the stop-and-frisk register, police said.

If something like this happens again and someone in my family is attacked, the crime may never be solved.

What about the civil liberties of the majority? – DSMW