Tea Partiers and the Spirit of Giving

Nearly one-third of Americans who consider themselves part of the tea party movement are treated by the pundits and politicians as selfish. Their lack of caring, liberals say, toward those who suffer is the real reason behind their views on rising taxes and big government.  Nancy Pelosi says the tea party movement is nothing more than an attack on the poor. Let’s consider the real facts;

An important tea party argument is government should not redistribute wealth to achieve economic equality. To that end most Americans would like to choose who they donate their wealth to. When it comes to voluntarily spreading their own wealth around they do it in spades. Tea partiers gave four times as much to charity as people who favored redistribution. They gave 3.5 times more to non-religious causes. To take it a step further, they are more likely to give blood, give directions on the street and return change when mistakenly given them by a cashier.