Tea Party Chronicles

When DSMW and over two million other frustrated angry Americans marched on Washington two years ago, someone shoved a Freedomworks card in my hand. No one is more keenly aware of the power of the collective than its chairman Dick Armey and Freedomworks has, more than any organization, harnessed and directed the power of the crowd.

There is something comforting in knowing that Armey, who was the House Majority leader in the 1994 landslide, is there to remind the politicians that the power exercised in Washington flows from the people. He has seen citizen activism first hand and has become the point man for the newly elected tea party candidates. He jumped in early for Marco Rubio and Mark Lee of Utah and he discusses our favorite Mitch Daniels of Indiana for president in 2012. Armey’s overriding goal is to see Obama-care repealed by selectively targeting 159 new bureaucratic entities and denying the IRS funds to enforce fines and penalties on American citizens. He is confident in the internet and mobilizing Americans that are passionate about the Constitution and individual liberty.

 “The first rule of conservatism,” Armey says “is to accept that if you are true to yourself, Hollywood celebrities will never hug you in public. Ultimately, serving the people and upholding the Constitution will be much more satisfying.”