Tea Party Not MIA

Tampa – The Tea Party in Tampa was well attended and had really great speakers like Ralph Reed, Senator Marco Rubio, Mike Pinson and more. Take a look at what you missed. We have some excellent video coming up.

The event has continued to grow and change. Now it is becoming more of a family picnic with food vendors and information stalls featuring ways to maintain the activist spirit. It’s a wonderful place to get started if you are beginning to question your government and want to play a more active role.

There was a lot of media coverage. The tea Party is important and the people there were only the tip of the ice berg. The crowd was larger than last year’s Tea Party and the homemade signs have definitely all but disappeared. 

The Tea Party rally and it attendees will not go away, on the contrary, the group is growing. Like the original 1776 revolutionaries, these Americans are serious about their freedom. Speaker Reed quoted 22% of all register voters admit to some Tea Party affiliation. With the empowerment of the 2010 elections, members and people content just to read about the Tea Party movement now know the power of the collective voice. With the help of the internet, churches, and meetup groups everywhere there is no turning back. What’s not to like about liberty?