Tea Party Will Not Go Away

The Tea Party message is more than worries that federal spending, as a share of the economy, has risen under President Obama to the highest it has been since 1946.

The real message is when government encroaches on commercial liberties the end result is a failed civil state.

History is rife with examples from the former Soviet Union to Cuba and North Korea; not to mention every other country that has flirted with Big Brother. The Tea Party is not about fear mongering and fanaticism but instead a legitimate reading of history’s crushing lessons when capitalism is squeezed out and government takes its place.  It can be as dramatic as the millions of deaths of the failed economic experiments of Russia and China or as present as Greece and Ireland. Economic and civil liberties go hand in hand. These facts will not change and neither will the diligent innovative spirit of the American people. Happy Holidays from DSMW