Ted Wheeler won re-election in Portland last night, defeating communist Sarah Iannarone

One of the worst mayors in the country won re-election last night and believe it or not that’s a good thing. Why? Because his challenger Sarah Iannarone is, well…

Last night she posted this fan art of herself as an Antifa superhero:

It appears that even the voters in Portland thought that was a bit much:

With more than 90% of the votes counted, Wheeler led Iannarone 47% to 41% as of 11 p.m. Tuesday. Write-in candidates, which include community activist Teressa Raiford, had pulled in 13%…

Wheeler gave a brief statement via Zoom around 11:25 p.m., thanking voters for their support and said he understood many people are frustrated over the direction of the city amid the pandemic and protests.

“We’re going to need to come together as never before to address short-term issues and the long-term changes and investments needed to rebuild our economy, rebuild confidence in law enforcement and restore hope for our future,” he said…

Last month, a new coalition with ties to groups including the Portland Business Alliance, labor unions and conservationists rallied around Wheeler. The group, United for Portland, raised nearly half a million dollars as of Monday and launched ads and mailers attacking Iannarone in an effort to spur voters to reelect the incumbent.

Wheeler said last night that he hadn’t spoken with Iannarone and she put out a statement saying she was going to wait for more votes to be counted. As of now, I don’t see anything on her social media saying she has conceded.

Meanwhile, her favorite group was out in the streets being themselves last night:

One homeowner asked the mob to be peaceful, pointing to his Joe Biden sign. The mob’s response: “You ask for a peaceful protest. It’s white supremacy! Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy!” This clip also includes a confrontation with someone who was filming the freak show.

They concluded the night by burning a flag:

So Portland still has a really terrible mayor but it could have been much worse. Sarah Iannarone would have given the mob carte blanche to riot and destroy property and at least Wheeler won’t do that.

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