The Cancelling of Lindsay Shepherd

Laura Rosen Cohen returns with the latest instalment of her routine round-up of specially curated stories from across the globe. This feature also serves as SteynOnline’s weekly open thread, so do chime in in the comments if the mood strikes you.

Another lovely summer week has come and gone, and I’m loving the heat. And I don’t mean the sun. I mean the burning, fiery meltdown of the American Democratic party into Wokeopolis Now. As Mark described earlier this week, it’s quite an interesting time to watch House Leader Nancy Pelosi morph into Nancy Trumposi (!!!!) and for Joe Biden to be lumped in with Trumposi and thrown under the progressive bus because The Squad (of Jew-hating, anti-American Shrews of Congress) has decided #TheyToo are angry, old, racist and irrelevant white people. Is there enough popcorn on the planet for this show?

While your corn is popping, let’s take a momentary break from the schadenfreude and focus our attention on some of the more notable, interesting and horrifying stories from the past week.


Social Media News:

What could possibly be wrong with this?

And in related news…

Mainstream media all but ignores the #WaxMyBalls guy and gets Lindsay Shepherd permanently banned from Twitter. And hey, Toronto Sun, I object to describing Ms. Shepherd as “polarizing”. Gross. (Ed.: Some more details about Shepherd’s summary expulsion from social media can be found here. You may also wish to watch Mark’s interview with his fellow parliamentary witness.)



The important thing about Pakistani rape gangs is to never talk about Pakistani rape gangs. You must jail those who discuss it, and if those uppity deplorable infidels still want to talk about it remind them that security is the new shut up. Because after all, it’s a lovely culture, all cultures are equal and therefore you musn’t say anything bad about it. So just shut up. The end.

Nearby, Swedes are starting to notice that their country has turned into a Third World slum. Volvo may have to pack its bags. Discuss!


North America:

From America, Jeffrey Epstein tells judge he’d like his finances kept secret. I’ll bet!

Good Twitter: Daughter helps single Dad pick a good outfit for a date, becomes a minor Twitter sensation and subsequently gets lots of date offers after being stood up.

When preachy wokey wokeness meets the Law of Unintended Consequences.

San Fran Feces learns that the Broken Windows theory actually works!

Today, in Satan (an ongoing conversation between myself, Kathy Shaidle and Sheila Gunn-Reid).

I hate it when I agree with lefties but it does happen. Stop. This. Madness.

From Georgia, a story of when two hearts come together as one. Rest in peace.


Jews and Israel:

Gotta love Paul Anka.

You want to know when there will be peace? There will be peace when children with cancer are more important than Jew-hatred.

Another column I wish I had written! Oh well, at least I can endorse it whole-heartedly.

From one of my current sources of inspiration, advice on how to handle life when things get tough (long but worth it).

Lastly, this dumb bum got it all wrong! Idiot, we don’t use Jewish blood for the matzohs. DUH! We need young, gentile blood. What a moron. Academics! (Please also consider the fact that this “expert” is from a country with a peace treaty with Israel…and for this, Israel gave up the Sinai!)


As we close shop for today, my professors in journalism school always told us to end collections of links on a high note. Just kidding. I didn’t go to journalism school and there were no dang Interwebz back then in the dark ages. It’s like Elvis always said “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.”. I know that’s true and a legit quote because I totally saw it on Facebook. For realzzz!

Thus, without further ado, and for your viewing pleasure, here are some cows moooooooving and grooving to a saxophone serenade.

You’re welcome! And now it’s time for your comments!

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