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Greetings and welcome to the Curb Your Enthusiasm edition of Laura’s Links.

Actually more like Curb Your Enthusiasm: Are You Kidding Me???? Why? Because your favourite (okay fine, your only, but don’t rub it in and make me pout) SteynOnline In-House Jewish Mother will, very, very soonly, be taking in the glories of The Mark Steyn Christmas Show in Montreal! I am so excited about the show itself and seeing club members from near and far, but mostly about the opportunity to walk around with a Grande Tall Supersized Importantante Clipboard and my Smart Glasses with impunity. Nobody messes with you when you have a clipboard – the mere anticipation of such raw power is utterly intoxicating.

Umm… As you can probably tell, as a 3M (married, mom with mortgage), I don’t get out much, but that’s a soooooper seeeekrit, so keep that between us. If Mark Steyn finds out that I’m a relatively boring suburban mother, that would be the worst! So Mom’s the Word, yes?

I mean, I do have a life, you know. And a healthy part of any SteynOnline In-House Jewish Mother’s life is keeping up to speed on what has been on the mind of the Great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him) ameeeeen ameeeen.

Did you catch Mark’s take on the Broadway bound Impeachment Dinner Theater? Savage! The live Q&A from last Friday is also full of great questions from Mark Steyn Club members and contains well over an hour of commentary from the Master of Editorial and Sartorial himself! Also don’t miss yesterday’s Monday Notebook for a neatly packed summary of some of the interesting things floating about the news cycle with an especially chivalrous and deserved poke (or as my people would call it-a shtoch) at Mr. George Conway and a shout out to our incredible friend Kathy Shaidle who I am delighted to report is understandably wiped out but thank G-d, recovering and resting comfortably and appreciates all the good wishes and prayers.

And now, back to business, and a new batch of links for your consideration.


North America:

Worst. Hitler. Ever.

Worst anti-Semite ever.

Actual antisemite in Congress: AOC calls Trump’s Jewish advisor, Stephen Miller, a white supremacist. Imagine what a repugnant and vile individual you have to be to do this.

From the great VDH: “The Looming 1984 Election.”

Progressive Jewish student suddenly notices progressive anti-Semitism.

Dolly Parton wants to heal America. I’m totally down with that. Love Dolly. Great article. Read the whole thing!

Border apprehension numbers down. This seems like it should be a bigger deal. Anyone hearing anything about this?

Don Cherry did not back down. He said what he meant, and meant what he said. No disgusting post-facto grovelling. No apologies. This is the way to do it.

President Trump to honour Jon Voigt. Good!


Jews and Israel:

Good one, Pope Francis.

Mazel tov! Today, you are a man!

My kind of Jew. More of this, please.


Middle East:

Ahh the glories of sharia.

Iranian protests: Iranians fed up with funding Palestinians.

Look how brave this Iranian woman is. Absolutely humbling courage. The last time the Iranians tried to break free of the barbarity of the mullahs, they unfortunately had Obama in the White House. I hope and pray President Trump will do everything in his power to encourage the freeing of Iran from its tragic sharia tyranny.


The Formerly Great Britain:

“Our concern about antisemitism mean we cannot vote Labour.” Strange that The Guardian published this!

And speaking of the Labour party, imagine what a disgusting human being you have to be to do this.

Jeremy Corbyn is not “just” an antisemite, and it’s never “just” about the Jews, he is a real threat to the Western world.



Sweden continues its descent into an antisemitic, Third World, Islamic sh&thole.

Disgusting, Jew-hating Europeans insist on labeling Jew-fruit coz you don’t want any Joooooties, right?

Labeling Jews and Jew stuff, why does this all sound familiar?

More background here.


Big Tech is Evil:

Google secretly gathering private health data, and patients have no idea this is happening.


Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Sprite so woke!

Tell me something I don’t know: teachers are indoctrinating our children in radical trans ideology.

Campus censorship: a tyranny of the minority. Exactly, the loud, aggressive, belligerent minority is calling the shots not just on campus but in policy making around the world. It’s insane.

Woke Barbie not woke enough! It’s never, ever, ever enough.

Amazing podcast here-I highly, highly recommend listening to the whole thing: environmentalism is a false god for lost souls.

Former liberal NY prof comes over to the dark side.


Human Grace:

Florida man finds a great new job after handing out his resume on the streets. This is really like my late Bubbie always said. If you want a helping hand, look to the end of your arm.

Congrats! A 95-year old WW2 veteran gets his high school diploma.

Britain’s smallest twin boys, born at 23 weeks defy the odds. Remember that: 23 weeks and now think about the ghoulish abortion laws in the Western world.

Young veteran found a baby on the road. Decades later, the same veteran goes through another shocking event.

Paralyzed American veteran finishes the NYC Marathon using an Israeli eco-skeleton.

Israel honours US Army Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds, who said to the Nazis “we are all Jews here.”

President Trump also recognized his bravery, and Roddie Edmond’s son couldn’t be any prouder.

Montreal concert features violins that survived the Holocaust while their owners didn’t.

Ohio couple buys struggling bakery to make sure its special needs employees continue to have work.

Lastly: It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! So sweet. Really any day can be a beautiful day in the neighbourhood if you put your mind to it.

Now along you go and comment away and do let us know what you think!

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