The Convenience of Wikileaks

John Kerry’s statement, after the latest release of yet a third round of highly sensitive to embarrassing material provided for the world-stage by Julian Assange, brings to mind the value of government leaks. His view simply stated; 

“However illegally these documents came to light, they raise serious questions about the reality of America’s policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

How convenient for the present administration when the United States can no longer effectually conduct itself on the battlefield because of security compromise.  It’s really brilliant.  No longer is this Obama’s war with the burden of public approval. No more uncomfortable counts of American dead and blundered strategy.  It’s really simple.

 Blame someone else. In this case Julian Assange.  Who by the way, as of today, is not being charged. He is comfortably beyond reach as an Austrian citizen. The Pentagon wants to explore this and is looking into things. Sounds a bit like the check is in the mail. The theft of the original video by Army Intelligence analyst Pfc. Bradley Manning and this latest unnamed saboteur is up in the air.  Pfc. Manning is suspiciously out of the news.

Wikileaks should turn his laser skills on something more of national interest and that is leaking Barack Obama Birth certificate and school records. The Globe would be happy and so would the internet.