The Economist/FT survey: Global business barometer

Our interactive business-confidence graphicEXECUTIVES around the world are upbeat about prospects for business, according to the latest Economist/FT survey of around 1,500 senior managers, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (updated March 12th 2015). The balance of respondents who think that global business conditions will soon improve is 16 percentage points, up slightly from the previous quarter. However, this optimism is not evenly spread around the world. Persistent optimism in the Middle East and Africa, alongside a resurgence in Western Europe, have helped to mask declining positivity everywhere else, particularly in North America and Latin America. The global surge in optimism of a year ago, triggered by the easing of the euro crisis, has been dampened, but positivity persists.

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The Economist/FT global business barometer is a survey conducted four times a year by the Economist Intelligence Unit in order to gauge trends in business confidence. Based on the responses of more than 1,500 senior executives, it measures overall confidence by looking at the balance of those who think global business conditions will improve over the next six months against those who expect them to worsen. Our interactive barometer allows you to track business sentiment …<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>