The Electability Myth

TAMPA — When Republicans, particularly of the Washington establishment variety, start talking about “electability,” it’s time to activate our nonsense filters.

Recall 1999 when establishment Republican types started whooping up a vote-getting machine named George W. Bush. Never mind that this guy was the son of a noblesse oblige, patrician of a president who, after eight years of tutelage under the Gipper, reverted to non-conservative form in office, in the process piddling away the largest favorability ratings in presidential history.

Pay no attention, the pooh-bahs crooned, to the fact that young W had no visible conservative bona-fides, and that his “compassionate conservatism” (as opposed to the mean old un-hyphenated variety) sounded a lot like liberalism. Larry Thornberry – American Specator – Click To Read More…

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