The Last Time We Trusted Iran’s Moderates

Screenshot 2015-08-18 15.09.38President Obama is not the first American leader to be wooed by the potential for Iranian moderates to take control.

Clearly, the President’s bold attempt to woo Iranian moderates backfired.

Despite his taking great political and diplomatic risks to move Iran’s mullahocracy beyond its aggressively anti-American stance, Iranian hooligans still shouted “Death to America” in Tehran’s streets while “The Supreme Leader” condemned America from his perch. Nevertheless, the President and his equally deluded aides invested so much in this moderate breakthrough, he was willing to risk offending Congress, trying to bypass its constitutionally—sanctioned foreign policy input.

No, this is not some neocon attack on President Barack Obama’s recent sanctions-lifting nuclear agreement with Iran. This description of the Iran-Contra affair harks backs to July 1985 when the Republican Ronald Reagan tried freeing American hostages and boosting Iran’s supposed moderates by resupplying Iran with American weapons and spare parts. Wherever you stand on today’s Iranian nuclear deal, it is worth analyzing the Iran contra-dictions, asking what, if anything, has changed.

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