The Madness of Lockdowns

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Happy New Year and welcome back to a sparkly new batch of Laura’s Links. I’m trying to remain optimistic, but I’m hearing rumblings and rumours that the idiotic, tyrannical ‘leader’ of my home province of Ontario, Doug Ford, is planning a military-style curfew on top of our current lockdown. As of yet, as far as I can see, the only things not currently micro-regulated by the state are how many loads of laundry we peasants can do, what colour underwear we must wear, and how many times we must chew each bite of food that we consume. But I have great hope that these items will soon be under the watchful eye of our Dear Leader.

In many areas of the world infected by China’s biological weaponry, “cases” of COVID-19 are rising while we are under curfew, locked into our homes, and barely subsisting in a disgusting Zoomed-Out parallel universe “remotely” resembling reality because our feckless “leaders” have gone Full China on us.

Clearly, if cases are rising exponentially while we are under lockdown and wearing masks everywhere with no entertainment, physical activity, schooling for our children, family gatherings, social events or other forms of human normalcy, what we need is more curfew. A stricter, stronger one – one that is much, much, much more punitive ‘coz our leaders have seen that there’s not quite enough misery, not quite enough human wreckage, suicides, bankruptcies and overdoses. There’s just not enough despair yet, people! Not enough bodies and spirits have been crushed yet by a Thousand Chinese Communist Cuts so the evil, spineless goons governing us are going to put the screws to us even harder and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze.

This past week was another busy one for The Most Totally and Completely Un-Woke Bloke in Bespoke. I shall review in case you missed anything (but really why would you???). He bid Farewell to 2020 guest-hosting Tucker Carlson Tonight, wished us a Happy New Year guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh, compiled a year’s worth of obituaries written about those lost in 2020 to various causes. He also guest-hosted for the peerless, wonderful and valiant Kathy Shaidle on the movie beat, looking at The Film of the Book of the Children of Men before heading back to the airwaves yesterday, treating us to three hours of Steynisms on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Listen to the podcast replay here.

Anyway, on a brighter note…err…let me think…bright, sunny, good news-hmmmm….eh, nope! I’ll try again next week. OH WAIT. I’ve got something! It’s not necessarily “bright” but it is a good insight that made me nod and smile, nod and smile (however, this is what I also do when idiots speak to me and it’s not worth responding, so you know people, it’s a very versatile thing to remember, it works in so many different situations with human interaction of all kinds-YOU’RE WELCOME) anyway this is a keeper via Dan Bongino. Enjoy! Well played, Mr. Bongino, well played.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and remember, as Mark always reminds us, to surrender nothing. See you in the comments!


North America:

Gee, D’UH.


Stop harming children. It’s abuse.

A look at the way we humans used to be, not so long ago.

The Angel of Death of NY strikes again.

A wickedly depressing summary of where America is at from the great VDH.


Jews and Israel:


“Lockdowns are madness”. No kidding.

Saw this on Twitter, if you are interested in hearing Holocaust survivors speak on their experience on Zoom.

“My First Taharah”. This is a really moving first-person essay on Jewish burial customs. “Helping the dead is called chesed shel emet—true kindness: You give with no possibility of being paid back.”


New Middle East:

Try to keep up!


The Evil Chinese Communist Barbarians:

A great success of a year.



This is evil. Not heartwarming. Evil.


The Formerly Great Britain:

Where are the sick people?

Look at how this woke midget imbecile has destroyed London.

We are taking our orders from China. This is indisputable.

We are all Mick.

This cannot go on.

Einstein said the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. But what if the current result of the lockdowns is exactly what these evil, filthy, disgusting lunatics want?


Humourless and Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Another for the D’UH file. In other words, men are stronger than women. Thanks, geniuses.

The Wokestapo is after Grease. This is the hill I will die upon!!

“This is the future liberals want.”

Definitely one of the dumbest things ever.

“Cancel culture is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob.” Yes. Exactly.

“I think everyone’s scared to speak up and be canceled or say the wrong thing.”


Human Grace:

Seeing life in full colour.

How it started. How it is now.

Life-changing surgery. G-d bless the healers.

They didn’t hesitate – even for a moment.

David Bowie’s widow Iman will never marry again.

What’s the best antidepressant?

Mazel tov!

“I feel at peace, I feel like I’ve found a home inside me.”

Honour thy parents.

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