The Moral Preening of Corporate Woke

Programming note: Today Tuesday, I’ll be on your telly screens for a full hour, live across America on Fox News Primetime at 7pm Eastern. Hope you’ll tune in.

On Monday’s Fox News Primetime, we began with my thoughts on the hideous politicized mega-corporations, virtue-signaling on Georgia while shilling for China : you can watch that monologue here.

Afterwards my old chum from so many Rush shows, James (“Mr Snerdley”) Golden, gave his take: you can see that segment in full here.

Later in the show I noted the extraordinary Easter scenes from services in Calagary and London. Click below to watch:

Naomi Wolf had her own thoughts on the Permanent Emergency: You can see that interview here.

Also on the show were Lisa Boothe, Douglas Murray, Ying Ma and Kat Timpf: we’ll link to any of those segments if Fox posts them.

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I’ll be back tonight for more Fox News Primetime, and, just ahead of that, Tal Bachman will be socking it to you straight, right here at SteynOnline.

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