The Pelosi-Reid Congress Deficits

The Democrat Congress under Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Ried are responsible for our perilous financial situation, not presidents Bush or Obama

Look at the facts. First, spending bills originate in the House, under Pelosi. Next they are approved by the Senate, under Reid. Only then are they are they signed into law, or vetoed, by the President. And a veto is hard to sustain politically. 

In January 2007 when Reid and Pelosi took power the federal deficit was $167 billion and on a trajectory down from $413 billion in 2004. By the time they got through with the country three years later the deficit was $1.2 trillion, a seven-fold increase.

Do you remember these Congressional leaders promising “pay as you go” budgeting as part of their campaigns?  It’s no wonder voters are looking forward to replacing these two architects of disaster. – DSMW