The Spanish Imitation

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Greetings friends, and shocky shocky shocker, it’s another locky-locky-lockdown edition of Laura’s Links live from Ontario, where the little peasant people are scolded by their leaders 24/7 to stay home even as they jet off to holiday. Rules are for the deplorables, doncha know? I wanted to try to keep this intro a little lighter than usual, even though this is pretty much how I feel right now. (I’ve watched that clip about a dozen times, nodding my head more vociferously each time, so much so that my neck aches.) But best laid plans….

I remind myself regularly that time is something you can never get back. We are on this earth for a finite period, never knowing the exact schedule or plans our Creator has in store for us. Our time here among the living is such a valuable and limited commodity, so it’s important to think about the reason we, as individuals, were put here on this earth – and to govern ourselves accordingly, each according to our strengths, gifts and mission. Having said that, I still cannot fully dissuade myself from feeling a sense of relief that the secular year 2020 will soon be coming to a close. I pray that the utter human destruction, plague and repression purposely released unto us, as an Act of War, by the evil, barbaric Chinese communists and embraced so gleefully by Western “leaders” will finally come to an end in our allegedly free parts of the world.

To add insult to injury, it is repulsive to see more and more expressions of the Stay Home/Mask Up/Lock Down/Shut Up cult in every aspect of our lives, and how prevalent, vocal and emboldened the woke-lockdown-mask fetishists are. They never want it to end, so I urge you to remember how to be free and to act free, speak freely, and not surrender any more of our liberties.

As Mark himself said earlier this month: “surrender nothing”. That is surely a perfect motto for the dawning of 2021, and for the upcoming transfer of power that we will regrettably see in America next month. No, I’m not happy about it, but one must face the fact that there is no kraken. It pains me to say it, but as far as I can see, the porkulous “Covid relief” bill, unfortunately, was a sign that President Trump will be going out with a whimper. That does not detract from what he did accomplish, nor from my admiration for him as a president, or my feeling that he is certainly one of the most consequential American presidents of all time. And that doesn’t mean any of us should give up hope, or give up fighting. It should be a sign for the normal, freedom-loving masses to keep fighting even harder. Surrender nothing.

As you may be aware, the great Prophet Steyn has had and continues to have a very busy week! In case you missed any of his mellifluous musings, I’ll catch you up right here. There was a Christmas Eve show plus a lovely Christmas show, a look back at Boxing Days past in The Bounty Hunters, and he covered for Kathy Shaidle on the movie beat in Such a Cold Finger. In song, he shared a beautiful special on Silent Night and a look back at The Lost in a Lost Year. He also guest hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday night and last night.

Lastly, as this wretched plague year comes to a close, please keep our beloved Kathy Shaidle in your prayers. Kathy and I actually met because of Mark Steyn. He was our matchmaker and our friendship shadchan – we are the weirdest pair. He quoted her former Relapsed Catholic blog quite frequently, and eventually I met her in person when I invited her to speak at an event I was organizing. The rest is friendship history. She is one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and I can’t really articulate how much she means to me and how blessed I have been to have her in my life at the other end of the phone and computer, and at family events. She is simply one of a kind and deserves a miracle.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, joy-filled, and blessed 2021. See you in the New Year and in the comments.


North America:

Anonymity just doesn’t cut it. Sorry not sorry. If you are part of the ‘don’t use my name’ gang, you’re part of the problem.

More good stuff on the criminal, sinister lockdowns here. And even more from our very own Tal Bachman right here (must read).

More tyranny here.

Imagine what a disgusting, evil person you have to be to do this. Conservatives need to understand that we owe no politeness or civility to the power drunk whores of politics that will happily use the entire force of the state to threaten your children if you do not obey.

A brutally honest examination of NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio’s Jew-hate problem.

The threat of authoritarianism in America is real and it ain’t from Trump.


Israel and Jews:

Merry Christmas from Bibi!

I thought this was really beautiful. Aviv Gefen is a pretty radical leftist who has shown some heart toward religious people and “settlers” in recent years. Fried is a Chassidic star. This is such an unusual but heartfelt collaboration, and because there is a nice English translation, I thought I’d include it here. Jews believe that “baseless hatred” (sin’at chinam) amongst ourselves has been the direct cause of some of most horrendous tragedies that have befallen us as a people. The remedy is boundless love (ahavat chinam).

New Middle East! I love these Emirati guys. I wish they would do a podcast!

This would be YUGE if it happens. YUGE.

Thoughts on forgiveness.

Agree with the great Caroline Glick here: This professor is a disgrace.


Middle East:

Seems nice!

Another interesting video here, I pray for peace between Israel and Iran, the fall of the Ayatollah’s regime, and peace for the Iranian people.


The Formerly Great Britain:

Thoughts on the politicization of masks and the evil WHO.



Not all heroes wear capes. Some sing.


Humourless and Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Pushing back against the Wokestapo.

“Yes, I’m a white girl.” Oh boy did I laugh at this one. Turns out the Spanish “Hilaria” is actually Hilary White Bread Mayflower Gal. So perfect.


Human and Canine Grace:

Very special people root for children that are strangers to them.

A good man in action.

So lovely.

Long may you prosper, beautiful humans.

You go, girl!

My brother from another mother?

Home for Christmas.

Rest in Peace.

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