The video normal people have been waiting for: Thanks, celebrities

When you think about it, celebrities have given us so much during this crisis that it’s really outrageous no one has taken time to properly thank them. After all, what would life be without those stars crooning Imagine or Madonna waxing philosophic in the bathtub. There are many more examples of this kind of thing out there so clearly we, the normal people, need to let the special people know we’re grateful. Thank goodness someone has taken the time to do that properly:

The first thing you’ll notice is that most of the celebrities mentioned in this clip probably aren’t familiar to you. That’s because this video was made by an Australian and features mostly Australian stars. Amanda Keller is apparently from the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. Manu Feildel is a chef who starred on MasterChef Australia and on a British show called My Kitchen Rules. Sam Armytage is an Australian TV presenter. That last clip of the guy dancing on the beach? That’s a group of TV stars from an Australian show called Packed to the Rafters. It’s the same clip which also includes Amanda Keller dancing at the start. This is sort of the Australian version of celebrities singing Imagine except in Australia they made the good choice to lip-sync:

You many not have heard of most of those people but I think the “Thanks, Celebrities” video makes a great point regardless. In fact, it might make the point better because all these celebrities are essentially nobodies to most Americans. You people really aren’t that important, especially now.

A lot of celebrities seem to imagine (see what I did there) that we want them to shoehorn themselves into this crisis to offer advice or entertainment. But when people are dealing with the loss of jobs, a death in the family, etc. it comes off looking really out of touch. There’s a combination of navel gazing and not-so-subtle humble-bragging about their fabulous wealth and fabulous friends in many of these clips which ought to embarrass them. But somehow it doesn’t.

Overall, you get the sense that for a lot of these people the most important thing is that we not forget about them. No, it’s worse than that. They not only want to be remembered, they want to be important and applauded no matter what else is going on in the world. It’s pretty repulsive. So as Greta Lee Jackson put it, “from the bottom of our pathetic little nobody, unfamous, worthless, dog-sh*t broke-ass hearts…Thank you.”

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