The ‘Yes We Kenya Clan’ Reality Show

If America thinks Dancing with the Starsfeaturing Nancy Grace, Chaz Bono, and Carson Kressley is going to be interesting, just think what a hit a reality show starring the eclectic, zany cast of Barack Obama’s Kenyan family members would be.

With the Dunham-Hawaiian/Obama-Kenyan/Soetoro-Indonesian family tree, over the past few years it’s become hard to keep track of all the president’s Kenyan paternal cousins, step-grandmothers, half-brothers, half-sisters, aunts, and uncles.

To remedy that confusion, America may be willing to explore the exotic and agree to overlook molestation, DWIs, and illegal status for a couple of months, invite the Obama clan to a huge mansion in the style of the Bachelor Pad, and before the 2012 election really get to know what ancestral dysfunction shapes Barack’s behavior. Jeannie DeAngelis – American Thinker – Click To Read More…

We have to hand it to Jeanne DeAngelis for coming up with Obama’s familty reality show and decided to give it a photo finish. Since the president’s election, more wonderful stories and family shoots of the Obama clan have floated to the surface. These are just a few we came accross and would like to share in celebration of labor day. Send us your favorite photos in the comment section. Have a wonderful weekend. – DSMW