Trials and Tribulations

On Wednesday I did double-duty on the airwaves, north and south of the border. I started the day on America’s Number One radio show, where I spoke with Congressman Steve Chabot, one of the House impeachment managers from the last Senate trial, of William Jefferson Clinton, back in 1999. Click below to listen:

A couple of hours later, I made my first appearance of the Roaring Twenties with John Oakley on Toronto’s Global News Radio 640. We counted down a few All-Time Great Governors-General and speculated whether Harry or Meghan would join their ranks, and then wondered how the Royal Family wound up more diverse than the Democrat presidential primary or the Oscar nominations:

If you like me in audio, do check out our annual live music special rounding up the best Steyn Show performances over the years from Herman’s Hermits to Ted Nugent to Noël Coward’s pianist (my gay cred is too old-school for contemporary tastes. And don’t forget to join me Friday for another Clubland Q&A live around the planet at 4pm North American Eastern – that’s 9pm GMT.

On the other hand, if you’re one of that brave band that enjoys me on camera, I’ll be back with Tucker tonight, Thursday – and do enjoy the latest entry in my ongoing anthology of video poetry: my rendition of Robert W Service’s great poem The Low-Down White.

We had a grand turnout from Canadians on September’s sold-out Second Annual Mark Steyn Cruise. So we hope more than a few Oakley listeners will want to join Conrad Black, John O’Sullivan and my other guests on this year’s Mediterranean cruise. But don’t leave it too late, as the accommodations are more favorably priced the earlier you book.

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