Tuxedo on the Lido

Greetings from the peaceful waters just outside Ketchikan, Alaska, from aboard the Steyn At Sea cruise. I hope you’ve been checking out the incredible content that Mark and his guests have been creating and posting at SteynOnline throughout the whole week.

Before I get into the links, I have to spend a moment exalting what I have witnessed here with my very own eyes; I need you to indulge me as I reflect upon the unprecedented magnificence and grandeur, the wonder of the scenery, never mind the height!

But enough about Mark Steyn in a tuxedo for the gala evenings on the ship, I mean see ya on the Lido, Mr. Tuxedo!

Oh hmmm. Where were we?


I got distracted for a minute. I guess I should talk about Alaska?


Fawning aside, this has been a really great adventure. The Steyn at Sea cruisers are an interesting, jovial and friendly bunch and each stop has been picturesque and unique. The Mark Steyn team is incredibly efficient and organized, it’s a well-oiled machine! Mark’s guests (too many to list here) have been interesting, intellectually stimulating and loads of fun.

I will spend a moment on Alaskan wildlife and then get to my links. Oh wait. Did I say “on Alaskan wildlife”? Oy. I goofed it. Silly me! What I meant to say I’ll spend a moment discussing the wild life in Alaska because musical guest Tal Bachman has been Scout Leader on that front, with fabuloso evening performances in the Crow’s Nest.

N.B: I thought I had great accessories, but Tal left both men and women here quite literally in the (Klondike gold) dust. And can that guy make an entrance…

And now without further ado, please follow the links on both the starboard and port sides of your screen.


North America:

There is no pleasing the wokestapo. Especially if your intentions are good.

This seems to be a feature, not a bug, but boy oh boy, I hate when I have to agree with Democrats, especially such a gawdawful one who wore blackface, but good for her for not resigning. We have too many slobbery, craven, stupid and useless apologies in today’s culture for nothing burgers. More people need to refuse to engage in Apology Kabuki. Conservatives could take a lesson from this gross Democrat. Grow some spines. You know how much I hate to say be like this Democrat?!?! Don’t make me do this again!

Behold: dumb Torontonians thinking they are protesting homophobic chicken.

Dear President Trump, please cancel Afghanistan. Not just this meeting. Why is any American leader treating the terrorist leaders of this godforsaken, putrid, Third World jihadist sh&thole like a country that deserves any respect? I’ll stop now but imagine what I’d really like to say.


Israel and Jews:

Let’s make peace with these people. You probably didn’t hear about this because no Jews were involved and Israel can’t be blamed.

This is a good and positive Palestinian version of Je Ne Regrette Rien. (A Steynian take on Piaf here for your edification.) Peace will come when this is not news, but a regular thing, as it should be.


Celebrate Diversity:

All cultures are equal and stuff.

Totally equal of course.

Oh dear. Sinead! Good grief.


Today in Satan, The Kooky and Abusive Left:

Abortion is a holy sacrament of the Church of Leftism.

Swedish, leftist kook (a professor because of course) advises cannibalism to save the planet. The proper response to this is “nuts to you, steak for me.”

This is child abuse.

Shut. This. Down.


Human Grace:

Snow White comforts little boy with autism when he has a meltdown. Couldn’t we all use a little more of this kind of compassion in our lives?

Rest in peace, little Aiden.

Good on you, kiddo.

“Don’t let anyone get you down.” I’m with you, girlfriend. My version is don’t let ’em live in your head rent-free.

A fond farewell and happy fall to all.

Thanks to all the Mark Steyn Club members for their comments and of course, to Mark Steyn for letting me play in his sandbox this summer.

See you around the web!

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