Victims of the Vaccine

ImageSteynOnline celebrates its twentieth birthday this Thanksgiving, and we’re marking the occasion by getting back in the cruise biz. No tests, no vax passports, that’s all yours to choose or not; but just a week of fun on the high seas with Bo Snerdley, Eva Vlaardingerbroek (from Thursday’s Steyn Show), Andrew Lawton and other Steyn favorites. More information here.

We’ve also been celebrating by strolling back through the last two decades of the SteynOnline archives. (For earlier entries, see below.) Our series concludes bang up to date here in 2022. Last year, shortly after the channel was launched, GB News began carrying The Mark Steyn Show once a week. In the New Year, it went daily, and has grown steadily in the ratings.

For a year now, Mark has focused on a topic all but uncovered by mainstream media in Britain and throughout the west – the devastating damage done around the world to millions of hitherto healthy persons by the Covid “vaccines”. We have had some modest success in shining a light on this subject: Steyn’s vax-victim guests constitute a majority of those who have received “compensation” from the UK government: by going on the show, they obliged the nothing-to-see-here state to see them.

In July, Mark hosted a special edition of the Steyn Show before an audience of those injured and bereaved by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, and covering various aspects of a great injustice to entirely blameless citizens. His guests included the very first widows of the vaccine he had on his show some months back, Vikki Spit and Charlotte Wright, and the only MP interested in championing their cause, Sir Christopher Chope. Back in America, Jedediah Bila tweeted:

Good on you @MarkSteynOnline. These people deserve a voice. And to all those too afraid of Big Pharma to touch this topic—you’re a big part of the problem.

That last point is very true. This was the first special on vaccine victims on broadcast television. We hoped it might lead to others. It did not – because the western media understand that to cover this subject honestly would be to repudiate their own disgraceful performance these last two years. Click below to watch:

Mark Steyn Club members can read the transcript of this episode here.

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Thank you for all your kind comments about our first two decades and this commemorative series. We will have more birthday observances in the days ahead.

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