Virtue signaling white guys shout ‘We’re on your side’ to rioters — they get their windows smashed anyway

A group of white guys partying in their apartment attempted to show their solidarity with protesters walking on the street — but things didn’t end well when it turned out to be the angry mob.

The video, posted to Twitter Tuesday night by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, shows a young white man giving a thumbs-up to the passing crowd as some individuals on the street are seen picking up rocks and heaving them at the window.

The man in the apartment begins to ask why the crowd is throwing things at them when suddenly a rock strikes one of the windows, completely shattering it.

“We’re on your side!” another partier shouted to the crowd. “We’re on your side!”

Then another rock struck and shattered the other window.

“Holy s**t! We’re on your side! We’re on your f***ing side! What the f***!” he continued to yell out to no avail.

The location where the event took place was not immediately clear.

Content wanting: rough language

Several social media users mocked the partiers for thinking their virtue signaling would be met with appreciation.

“Sad, but kind of hilarious,” Horowitz said in the caption for the tweet.

TheBlaze’s Jessica Fletcher also couldn’t help but finding the video somewhat humorous, tweeting that it’s “the best illustration that no one cares about your virtue signaling.”

Another person on Twitter wrote: “They are on the side of Antifa? Well they should not be surprised when this is what they get.”

Protests across the country in recent days following the death of George Floyd have been, in many cases, exploited by anarchist and Antifa-like rioters. The mob has infiltrated peaceful demonstrations and turned them violent, which has resulted in the burning and damaging of property and the loss of more human life.

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