We Need More Political Rhetoric, Not Less

The Rodeo Clown Posse was led out of Tucson in a cloud of dust with a hay-burning frenzy by Arizona’s Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.  Close in tow were hyper-boiling politicians and the usual lefty print and TV media cowboys such as Rep. James Clyburn, columnist Paul Krugman, TV antagonista Chris Matthews, and even our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  These tin-star constables couldn’t get on their donkeys fast enough  to round up the usual outlaws.  The leading perennial villain, of course,  isoverheated political rhetoric, the euphemismfor any strongly held opinion that differs from the liberal narrative.

The arrest warrant, hastily drawn up by the shallow yet influential chatterers, derives from a persistent liberal theme that political adversaries should be disarmed and neutralized by eliminating their ability to speak freely in any forum in any style. Geffory P. Hunt – American Thinker