What Happens When America Fails?

Chuck Baird

The question was not ‘if’ America fails, but ‘when’. The United States of America has been the stalwart of the world, as we know it for many years. Who will take our place if we change or ‘morph’ into something other than what we have been for so long? Who will provide all the financial and humanitarian aid we currently provide to more than 150 of the 190+ nations that currently inhabit this planet? 

 How could the underdeveloped countries stand once the supplier of so many things they desperately need is no longer providing for them or heaven forbid they have to defend themselves against their aggressors? What will become of our world if America, the ‘shinning light’ everyone has come to believe in no longer shines?

 Does this sound like all doom and gloom? What is going to happen to the United States? How will it fall and when is this all going to happen? It is happening as you read this page. Our country, The United States of America, is changing right in front of our very eyes as we stand by and watch. As Americans have voluntarily stood by, happily accumulating their ‘stuff’ and ‘things’, we have lowered the bar on just about every phase of our own lives.

 You think this is all just hype? Is not the mention of God in public places almost forbidden today? Are not our children being taught by teachers who belong to one of the largest unions in the country? Are our soldiers, wonderful men and women, being sent to foreign lands to fight for causes that many of us doubt? Is it not true that our very own representatives in government do as they please without any regard for their constituents? Has not our Nation managed to become about as much in debt as most of Her citizens have?

 This is all true, it is all happening right now, right this minute. What are you doing to change any of these things? The answer for most of us is nothing. What is it going to take to change your attitude? What will make you finally stand up and see that ALL OF US are going to have to make a stand. Will it take your friends across the street losing their home due to being laid off or losing their jobs? Will it be when you finally realize that you just can’t afford to fill up your gas tank any longer? Or that you cannot afford to buy the same amount of food you have been purchasing for so long?  Have you not seen prices steadily rising and friends beginning to make hard choices about what they do to just get by?

How many of your politicians do you see making these choices? The answer is none, not one. They travel on your dime. They eat out and entertain on your dime. They live like the elitist they have become on your dime. They make decisions on when our sons and daughters go fight what wars and when they will do it. They make over three times as much money per year as the average American worker does and they make laws which protect themselves against things that if you and I did, we would go to jail for. At what point do you say, “Enough is enough!”

My friends, we have reached a point that you must either become a participant in the ‘change’ we have heard so much about, or become a casualty of that change. Do not remain one of the silent majority any longer or you won’t have a country to believe in for much longer. Yes, we need changes and we need them right now! Get yourself involved quickly or lose it forever.