What is it with Jill Kelley?

We’ve spoken to people that are acquaintances of Jill Kelley. The picture we’re getting of her i all rather vague. Not because of lack of detail, but because of lack of depth, specifically her lack of depth. Everything we have heard is that she’s “nice” and “likes to throw parties” That’s it. It’s all on the surface.

From the outside one can imagine her as a modern day Mata Hari, using her feminine wiles to separate powerful men from their secrets. That doesn’t seem to be the case at this point. What she appears to be is a older Kardashian that lies about her age (or drinks heavily), is shallow and desperately seeking esteem.

Yet, somehow, she managed to socialize with high ranking people that should have been able to see her for the potential trainwreck she is.

So what in the world made this woman so attractive? Jon Stewart might be on to something:

“What does this woman smell like? Is it a heady mixture and ambrosia and crack? Is she the spawn of Marilyn Monroe and a bottle of axe body spray?”