Where Is Norma Rae?

Between 2000 and 2008, 4.8 million Americans moved from forced-union states to right-to-work states-that’s one person every minute of every day. – Arthur Laffer

The job flight from union held states has been happening for years. In Laffer and Moore’s great op-ed article in the Wall Street journal today they point out that, “liberals have denied it’s happening-until now.” Nothing, in our opinion, gets pass the liberals and their “denial” was served up in the election of Barack Obama. What we are seeing now, is the last great gasp of union muscle. The real question is will Obama stick with the NLRB’s shocking move on Boeing or will he abandon his union base, show some real leadership, and stand up for national prosperity?

Laffer and Moore point out right-to-work sates grew faster than forced-union shop sates in gross product 54.6% to 40.6%, personal income 53.3% versus 40.6% and population base increases of 11.9% versus a stagnant 6.1% in union states. Right-to-work states are getting richer with a 23% higher per capita income growth rate that translates to $2,760  per person increase over the union shop. Wages have been shown to rise faster in states that do not require mandatory union membership and employers are not faced with burdensome and arcane union regulations and work stoppages.

The American worker no longer needs Norma Rae’s “Union Boss.” Like so many things, it once served a purpose, but we have moved on and the NLRB’s fight is a lost cause and will become a bitter footnote in forced-union history.