Which way does Bieber swing?

It’s been a while since we prostituted ourselves by posting any Justin Bieber link bait. Well, not sure how missed it, but it looks like The Bieb entered the political fray with his appearence on CSI. Megyn Kelly, on Fox News’ America Live, suggested that CBS used the young heartthrob to slander the Tea Party by having him portray a mixed up troubled teen that got caught up with the wrong element- the Tea Party. 

CBS, you are just as shameless as we are. But you have started an interesting debate. If Bieber were an American and of legal voting age, what party do you think he would support? Was he just demonstrating his acting prowess on CSI, or would he really support the fiscally conservative Tea Party? Or would he be more liberal and support the President’s radical agenda?

One thing is for sure, he has certainly arrived on the political stage; The Westboro Baptist church has targeted him and his concerts.