While President Twitters Rome Is Burning

While we appreciate that the President is on the cutting edge of the Twitter Revolution, holding the first ever Twitter Town-hall where he is fielding questions from fellow Twitters, the rest of the country, non-twitters, are crying for real face to face leadership. There is even discussion of a debate between the elusive president and Paul Ryan.

The White House’s expertise now is doing its own video and media, enabling an ever remote president to circumvent the conventional media. Last month the President was a big hit on Facebook, answering pre-staged questions from twenty-something Facebook employees staged to look like an enraptured and attentive audience. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Twitter or social media, but really, there are real questions out there from people that have lost their jobs and don’t have access to a computer or Twitter apps on their phone.

If the president would leave the motorcade and check out the everyday Americans traveling to Baltimore and elsewhere being fondled at the Airport by TSA and begin really thinking about spending cuts and the 10% unemployment in a God honest way, the answers to prosperity are not that difficult.

The answers to the success of this country are being screamed at the president. Do we really need a Twitter conversation?