‘White privilege in action’ — Bernie supporters refuse to support Biden, and Democrats are outraged

Democrats are fighting among themselves after establishment candidate Joe Biden appears to be heading towards taking the nomination from the socialist democrat alternative.

A skirmish broke out on social media after progressive host for “The Hill-TV Live” Krystal Ball said that she would simply not vote in the general election in order to chastise the Democratic party for shunning Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“I don’t think it’s tenable for progressives to threaten to vote for [President Donald] Trump, I think that’s nuts, I would never do that,” said Cenk Uygur to Ball on his YouTube channel, “The Young Turks.”

“I would never vote for Donald Trump either, but you can leave it blank,” responded Ball.

“As of today I am undecided voter, because here’s the thing Cenk,” Ball added. “Donald Trump is awful, the next Republican is awful, and if they always can say, ‘look you gotta vote for us no matter what you’ve got no other choice, then they’re always gonna treat us like this because you have no power in that situation, you’re just gonna show up and vote for them anyway.”

The clip of her comments went viral on Twitter among Democrats who fumed about her decision. Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien lashed out and accused them of racism.

“This is a really great example of White privilege in action,” said O’Brien.

Uygur responded in his own tweet to O’Brien.

“1. I’m not white. Being from a Muslim background has not been a bowl of peaches lately. 2. I disagreed with Krystal in that segment. So context would be nice.”

“3. Not everyone who disagrees with you is doing it because of privilege,” he added.

Others attacked Ball and called her a grifter for her stance.

“With all that on the line, Krystal Ball – one of the biggest grifters on the scene – is using her platform to advocate for Trump’s re-election. Just wear a MAGA hat and be done with it,” said former Hillary Clinton staffer Zac Petkanas.

“This is a sad commentary by @krystalball. It comes from a place of privilege that one can afford to leave it blank,” responded CNN contributor Bakari Sellers.

Here’s the segment with Krystal Ball:

[embedded content] www.youtube.com

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