Who’s Smarter: Liberals or Conservatives? Depends On Who’s Asking

Why is it that liberals have seem to have won the PR battle in the “Who is smarter?” war? Time and again conservatives are lampooned and denigrated for their “quaint notions” and unsophisticated world views: 

“ALL fetuses are full people; ALL taxes go to gay crack-addicted single moms on welfare.”

Studies and research have been accused of being skewed / rigged to make it appear one way or the other. Since most research is conducted by academia, conservatives feel that much of data will not work in their favor due to the overwhelming liberal bias in higher education. It may come down to semantics.

Are all conservatives homogeneous? Do we all dress the same and march to the same tune? The McCain debacle should answer the question. No. We may call ourselves conservatives, but our ideas as to what the term actually means are wildly different. Unfortunately, the same goes for those whom call themselves liberals; they are not clones as much as we may think them to be.

“holding unpopular political views demands more cognitive resources (“context theory”). Those with the strongest beliefs, either way red or way blue, are smarter than the wishy washy centrists too confused to stake their own ground.”

There is no simple answer to the debate, though we all have strong opinions. While you cannot speak for other, you must speak and think for yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. And, whatever you do, do not underestimate your opponent. They might not be as smart as you, but could be smarter than you think.