Who’s The Next to Jump?

Wow. Crew members of the S.S. Obama have begun jumping ship at an alarming pace.

First came Peter Orzag. You remember him, the bright young ambitious and articulate go-getter, right? No? How about the guy that had baby with an heiress just weeks before marrying another woman. Remember him now?

Then there was Christine Romer, who should not have even boarded the vessel in the first place. She disembarked earlier this month.  She had been on the short list to replace Janet “Loose Lips” Yellin as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. 

Then, last week, came the announcement that the “ difficult, occasionally bullying” Larry Summers was walking the plank. Wasn’t he was supposed to be the “man behind the curtain”?

Within twenty-four hours, Herbert Allison was given the ol’ heave ho. With a reasurring: “We are going to largely get the taxpayers’ money back”, the head of TARP bid an unceremonious adieu.

And most recently, everybody’s favorite little foulmouthed gangster chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel has all but thrown his hat in ring to run for mayor of Chicago.

The question we here at DSMW would love to ask each of these former integral Obama appointees is are they leaving with a sense that had done all that they could to right the ship? Or should their departures be a signal to all of us that it is time to abandon ship?