Why Charlie Has Already Lost

DSMW was at Governor Charlie Crist’s press conference where he announced that he intended to run for the Senate as an Independent. We were struck by two things.

First being how engaging the man is in person. He has a personal charm and people skills that most people lack. He really engaged the folks in the crowd with whom he spoke personally after his speech.

More striking, though, was that his supporters were almost outnumbered by media there to cover the event. there were at least a half a dozen satellite broadcast trucks beaming live signals to the networks, throngs of cameramen and a gaggle of other media types from outlets running the gamut from The Huffington Post to Hour TampaBay.

His core supporters waited for the Governor. They held up signs. They tried to look enthused. But right before his forty-five minute late arrival they could not keep a chant of “Charlie!” going for more than a minute before it petered out. 

When the Governor took the stage he thanked everyone and then genially went about making his case. And in doing so he ceded the race before it had truly even started. It was deflating.

He was no firebrand. He did not excoriate the party that had all but rejected him. He did not indict the two party monopoly that has so polarized and failed this nation. He offered nothing but himself.

For a man that has often be accused of looking out for only himself, voting for Charlie, alone, is simply not enough.

The DSMW Libertarian